The SoundCalendar
is a series of images with RealAudio and RealVideo clips referring to a chronological system of personal experiences. Different artists will set up their individual calendars at the WorldWideWeb.

STARTINGPOINT: In setting up the SoundCalendar we intended to communicate our audio-visual experiences in the countryside of Fujino/ Kanagawa prefecture, Tokyo and other Japanese cities. The collection of sounds and images does not follow a chronological order, it rather picks dates and events following chance and the intensity of the event recorded. Basically the SoundCalendar is a series of RealAudio/ Video narrative items. It is also a library of different sounds and images from different parts of the world and different people. A number of artists will set up their personal calendars at the WorldWideWeb. Some of these calendars may deal with the past, others may be set in the future, and yet others in the present. Some of these may be documentary, some purely fictious and others authentic. Some calendars may refer to the artists' personal experiences - others to historical or fictious personalities and situations.
The project will start now, but it should be continously updated and will have an open end.

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