by John Hopkins

March 17, Sebastianplatz, Vienna

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today I spend money, shopping for the food that I will need until Monday evening when I arrive in Copenhagen by train. 36 hours straight travel from Vienna Westbahnhof. I go to the central market, a garage-sale-heaven, and although I don't pick up anything except some food, it was fun walking around picking up some sound fragments. most of the sellers are Eastern European and Turkish, which reinforces my impression that Vienna really is a unique intersection of East and West. shops close at noon on Saturday in this good Catholic nation, and almost nothing is open on Sunday, so if you are without food, you are without food! I meet Mathias and Sylvia at their place for coffee with friends (on the balcony, no less!). summer is completely here, the trees behind their building open perceptibly during the afternoon -- during the few hours we spend cleaning and painting the new studio, the leaves on the trees doubled in size. spring this year in Europe is explosive! the studio, (named TELLER after a sizeable neon sign over the front), is a former tailors shop across Sebastianplatz from their building, that they secured from a landlord who, in the end, worrying about officialdom, gave it to them rent-free. the weather is fantastic, and we have a quiet dinner of Mathias' special lasanga again on the balcony, accompanied by the thin crescent moon and Venus electrifying and in brilliant sway in the evening sky.