by John Hopkins

May 11, Kristiinankaupunki

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except for a short walk around the town in the morning, everyone hangs around the summer house the whole long day which drifted into evening and very slowly into the blue twiLight of the late Arctic spring. there is grass to rake, logs to stack, trees to cut down and such activities. any chore is a pleasant undertaking as the temperature is well into the 20'sC (70'sF). absolutely splendid. Helena, with some assistance from Timo (on the grill), prepares a delicious meal which is a festive family occasion, Erkki makes a variety of toasts and, after dinner, he playes the accordion and sings with Timo as his grandchildren Karoliina, Eero, Tuomas, and Anniina danced around him on the wooden deck in the backyard. in the early evening we set a net out in the bay. floating in the row boat on a placid and shimmering ocean, Jim, Kaisu, and I talk about the materialization of the (art) object. we made a huge bonfire on the beach in the late evening, burning tree-fall and stuff from the yard. I make a short video of Kaisu while we drink champagne and sauna. it was someone's birthday. I can't remember who.