A visit to the New Russians


a chrongraphical report of some new ambients in Moscow


Josť Iranzo


1-8-98.gif (1216 bytes) escala.gif (849 bytes)
cartelprueba.GIF (931 bytes) Real Video - Entering the Olimpisky Stadium                     Real Audio - The sound of the stadium
cartelprueba.GIF (931 bytes) Visit to the KremlinKremlinA.gif (451 bytes)
wedding.GIF (1314 bytes) Marriging couples dancing in front of the UniversityUniversityA.gif (465 bytes)
cartelprueba.GIF (931 bytes) Moscu Underground with Lenin Portrait                       Sound of the Moscow undergroud
street-C.gif (1232 bytes) Walking down a centrical street in MoscowMusicians and other street sounds
Breakers-c.gif (2216 bytes) Break Dancing in Moscows streets                                                           Hip hop in the street
2-8-98.gif (1202 bytes) escala.gif (849 bytes)
Lider-c.gif (2676 bytes) New Russians aclaming his capitalist liderSound of the olimpisky stadium
models-c.gif (2611 bytes) Models making themselves up at the stadium cantinethe cantine sound with models, other customers and the speaches through the ambient speakers
final-c.gif (2538 bytes) End of the marketing show                                                    The lider say 'au revoir'
peggy-c.gif (2158 bytes) Vodka party at the hotel late at night (well, early in the morning)                                             Rachel speaks to the camara