Petri Kuljuntausta: Video Surveillance

When I started collecting sound material, I arranged two days (19th February and 18th March 1998) to make soundscape recordings in the Tampere Hall and its neighbourhood. While TRANSITIONS is based on my March recordings, SURVEILLANCE is founded on my February recordings.
During my recording sessions, I 'played the house' -- I knocked the door handles and 'played' the wash-basins and water taps to make interesting sounds. I searched for different kinds of sounds from all around the building. I recorded its atmospheres, TV broadcasts in the entry hall and some accidental conversations. I wanted to capture all kinds of sounds, but instead of being just an observer I also wanted to be an active participant by creating sound phenomenons myself, sounds which were 'hiding' under the surface of ambience.


RealAudio: Fridge (28.8 k Modem required)
RealAudio: Toilet (28.8 k Modem required)
 RealAudio: Wash-b (28.8 k Modem required)
 RealAudio: Say-so (28.8 k Modem required)

Between late 1997 and spring 1998 I visited Tampere city very often. I was preparing my soundscape work TRANSITIONS (soundscapes / security camera images for a network of 30 TV monitors), part of the large scale sound installation project commissioned by the Tampere Biennale ( contemporary music festival. The work was based on the soundscapes of the Tampere Hall ( The result of these recordings is some kind of sound documentary, the microphone acting as my third ear, capturing all interesting sound phenomenons that were happening during these moments around me in that particular space. A real-time security camera images are taken directly from the Tampere Hall's security system.

(Petri Kuljuntausta)