.. Rhonda Abrams: Rural Route One
  The song of Rural Route One
... but if you turn down that road you'll find the trailer home where I live ...
.. Cyrille Estève: Corki
A sad and enchanting story about poor little Corki.
:: fuchs-eckermann: Reisetagebücher
CANADA August/September 1998
A travel diary from a 2 months visit to Canada.
JAPAN August to November 1996
A travel diary from a 4 months visit to Japan.
.. Francis: Do you speak English?
  Sprechen Sie Englisch?
A Course in English, German and Russian.
.. Ilse Gassinger: Got A Story?
Got A Story?
is based on clippings from 1991 from the weekly newspaper "The Durham Chronicle".
.. John Hopkins: Audio Dinner
  The Audio Dinner Archive
It is after-dinner at a Finnish friends house, her father is a famous Finnish doctor and a musician also...
.. José Iranzo: The New Russians
The New Russians
A chrongraphical report of some new ambients in Moscow.
.. Petri Kuljuntausta: Video Surveillance
  Video Surveillance 
The work was based on the soundscapes of the Tampere Hall. The result of these recordings is some kind of sound documentary, the microphone acting as my third ear.
.. Lampalzer | Oppermann: FATEFUL COMPOSITION
A photostory about how we met.
.. Bernhard Loibner: London
A few month ago I moved from Vienna to London which, besides everything else that changed, means to face a completely new sound environment...
.. Hilko Neupert: Stimmung in Montreux
  Stimmung in Montreux
A trip to the Montreux Jazz Festival.
.. Claude Schryer: Riel
Riel was born on 20th January 1998. I think the pages represent the development of the child both visually and sonically...
.. Geoffrey Shea: Talk with an Angel
  Talk with an Angel
For six minutes around midnight there is confusion about Good and Evil.
.. Mathew Smith: Colorado
We drove up the Colorado River, watching people roaring up and down the speed and decibel limit free stretch of river,
.. Rodney Werden: Foul Mouthed Miss
  Foul Mouthed Miss
Every year for 600 years in our little town, a language ritual takes place ...